Seven Content Repurposing Ideas (Niche Profit Full Control Tips)

Repurposing your content is a great way to get additional traffic from your niche sites, the kind you’ll be building in Niche Profit Full Control.

1. Turn your webinars into shorter videos.

Webinars usually end up being very long one-hour plus videos. There many be some nuggets of useful information contained in the video that you can reuse for other types of marketing purposes.

Split your webinar up into bite-sized video clips. There are video editing tools such as Filmora that can be used for splitting up long video seamlessly.

You can put your bite-sized clips up on YouTube with optimized titles. This will provide you with more exposure from individuals who are searching for the information you are providing. The short videos can also be placed on your website as a useful resource.

2. Combine several old blog posts into a guide.

Blog posts tend to have a narrow focus. Quite often they offer quick information on certain aspects of your products.

You can merge several of the blog posts together which will result in you having a helpful, informative and useful guide. Then just add an introduction as well as a conclusion, and you will have a new product to sell or use as a lead magnet.

It is very simple to do, and it will make your brand appear like a much more important thought leader for your industry almost immediately.

3. Statistics can be used as social medial posts.

If you have blog posts that are full of compelling information and statistics, the data can be pulled out to make fast social media posts.

Statistics can be very eye-catching and help to establish your credibility. You can use them on social media for backing up your point, and then your audience can be redirected to the blog post on your website.

To further enhance your exposure, use ShareAsImage or Canva to create graphics that are social media friendly to breath new life into your statistics.

4. Create an email series out of blog posts.

If you want to build a list, offer an informative and free email series. You can do this by repurposing old blog posts and creating an e-course.

5. Turn a video into a podcast.

These days one of the most popular content marketing tools is podcasts. People love listening to podcasts when they are out on a run, walking their dog or while driving.

Turn some of your evergreen and entertaining videos into podcasts. One handy tool that makes this process easy is YTPodcaster.

6. Use podcast interviews to create an advice e-book.

Expert interviews are pure gold. People love hearing from successful people and well known names. However, not everybody listens to podcasts. Turn them into a downloadable ebook to reach an even wider audience.

7. Make an infographic out of a blog post.

Informational images are a very popular form of online content.

Repurposing is an effective and efficient way to breathe new life into your most popular content. In order to maximize its reach, turn your best stuff into something exciting and new by using a different format.

Your most loyal fans will really love the fresh, new medium. You will also build your brand more quickly and attract new audiences with your smart new content marketing strategy.

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Repurposing Your Older Content To Use With MultiMedia

The following tips will help you reuse some of your content and spread it in multiple channels, which is an additional strategy you can use with Niche Profit Full Control.

You may be wondering: doesn’t repurposing your old content violate most content marketing advice?

Google does heavily punish duplicate content, so you have a right to be concerned. It is one of main things you should consider when it comes to online marketing and SEO.

However, it is a little different when you repurpose old content. That is because it involves breaking your existing content up and using it in a new format. One example would be taking blog posts and making an ebook out of them or transforming videos into podcasts.

It can be very difficult and exhausting to produce new and fresh content over and over.

The strategy of repurposing gives your content new life and allows you to extend your reach on multiple marketing channels. It is an ideal strategy if you would like to:

– Reach new audiences.
– Highlight your best work.
– Get more bang for your marketing bucks.

Let’s look at this strategy more closely to see how it can work for your business.

Repurposing Your Content To Use With New Media

What Content Should Be Used?

First you need to find the ideal content to repurpose. Three major kinds of content will work quite well to repurpose.

1. Your most popular content.

The webinars, interviews or posts that have driven the highest amounts of traffic to your site. In addition, the content that has received the best feedback from readers.

2. Content that has had the most engagement.

This is your content that has resonated the most with your audience. Take a look at your content that has the most interaction, comments, likes and shares. Your audience wants more of this from you.

To find content that has the most engagement isn’t always that easy. I used Social Crawlytics, which is a tool that uncovers my posts that have been shared the most. It is a free tool that lets you pull the URLs up from your website that received the most engagement.

3. Evergreen Content

You probably have some content that doesn’t ever really change. The subject matter stays relevant no matter how long ago you produced it. This is evergreen content that you can repurpose easily into another useful information piece for your audience.

How To Effectively Repurpose Your Content

Now that you have selected the content you want to repurpose, it’s time to start reworking it. No matter what kind of content you are working with- blog post, video, podcast- here is your opportunity to transform the piece of content into something that is compelling, unique and new.

Part 2 of this article will be posted tomorrow.

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