Seven Content Repurposing Ideas (Niche Profit Full Control Tips)

Repurposing your content is a great way to get additional traffic from your niche sites, the kind you’ll be building in Niche Profit Full Control.

1. Turn your webinars into shorter videos.

Webinars usually end up being very long one-hour plus videos. There many be some nuggets of useful information contained in the video that you can reuse for other types of marketing purposes.

Split your webinar up into bite-sized video clips. There are video editing tools such as Filmora that can be used for splitting up long video seamlessly.

You can put your bite-sized clips up on YouTube with optimized titles. This will provide you with more exposure from individuals who are searching for the information you are providing. The short videos can also be placed on your website as a useful resource.

2. Combine several old blog posts into a guide.

Blog posts tend to have a narrow focus. Quite often they offer quick information on certain aspects of your products.

You can merge several of the blog posts together which will result in you having a helpful, informative and useful guide. Then just add an introduction as well as a conclusion, and you will have a new product to sell or use as a lead magnet.

It is very simple to do, and it will make your brand appear like a much more important thought leader for your industry almost immediately.

3. Statistics can be used as social medial posts.

If you have blog posts that are full of compelling information and statistics, the data can be pulled out to make fast social media posts.

Statistics can be very eye-catching and help to establish your credibility. You can use them on social media for backing up your point, and then your audience can be redirected to the blog post on your website.

To further enhance your exposure, use ShareAsImage or Canva to create graphics that are social media friendly to breath new life into your statistics.

4. Create an email series out of blog posts.

If you want to build a list, offer an informative and free email series. You can do this by repurposing old blog posts and creating an e-course.

5. Turn a video into a podcast.

These days one of the most popular content marketing tools is podcasts. People love listening to podcasts when they are out on a run, walking their dog or while driving.

Turn some of your evergreen and entertaining videos into podcasts. One handy tool that makes this process easy is YTPodcaster.

6. Use podcast interviews to create an advice e-book.

Expert interviews are pure gold. People love hearing from successful people and well known names. However, not everybody listens to podcasts. Turn them into a downloadable ebook to reach an even wider audience.

7. Make an infographic out of a blog post.

Informational images are a very popular form of online content.

Repurposing is an effective and efficient way to breathe new life into your most popular content. In order to maximize its reach, turn your best stuff into something exciting and new by using a different format.

Your most loyal fans will really love the fresh, new medium. You will also build your brand more quickly and attract new audiences with your smart new content marketing strategy.

Keep a look out for my ‘Niche Profit Full Control’ review that I’ll be completing and posting on my website!


Part 2: Becoming a Better Content Marketer Through the Mobile Web

Below is Part 2 of the article…and just as a reminder, these posts are a series of tips and articles related to Niche Profit Full Control. I’ll be doing a detailed review of the system when it launches.


Reason 2. You Will Become A Better Content Marketer If You Learn How To Balance Form And Function

Sometimes the only difference between good and great comes down to a bit of extra effort. A small thing such as considering what your content channel is before writing content may mean the difference between losing and engaging a reader.

No matter what the merits of your content is, if you don’t consider your user in the context of how he or she arrived at and consumed your content, then you have missed the opportunity for obtaining a loyal reader.

Content Isn’t Shareable Content If It Can’t Be Shared

If content isn’t easy to share, then it won’t be shared. It really is that simple.

When you fail to make it easy to share your content, then you are missing an opportunity. Creating content is only half the battle. The other half is promotion. If you aren’t making it easy for your readers to socially promote your content, then you are missing out on the easiest form of promotion that there is.

3. You Will Become A Better Content Marketer Is Your Content Is Easy To Share

Make it easy for your content to be shared by your readers via social channels is just the start when it comes to thinking of some creative ways that your content can be shared. When you think of other ways, you will be scaling the initial investment you have made on your content.

The companies and brands that are able to find ways of making it easy to share their content are able to develop promotion channels that are effortless.

Content marketers who are able to attract readers and then convert them into newsletter subscribers or social followers create a bond with these readers that is much stronger than any that can come from paid advertising.

You Can No Longer Ignore How Important Headlines Are

Just think about how you make reading decisions when using a mobile device.

My decisions on what I read on mobile is based on the headline. Studies have show that 8 of 10 individuals will read a headline, and only 2 out of 10 will actually read the content.

When reading on mobile, people are frequently reading in distracting and rushed environments (commuting, waiting in line, etc.) When people’s attention spans are compromised already, the draw of the headline is even more important.

Reason 4. You Will Become A Better Content Marketer When You Learn How To Write Great Headlines

You won’t be developing a winning content strategy if you think that the first headline that you write is best or good enough. Mobile readers are short on time and attention. The smaller screen size also means that headlines need to be snappier and shorter to really engage readers.

Write multiple headlines before you decide on the one that you want to use. Analyze which headlines perform the best (A great starting place to doing A/B tests of headlines is Twitter). Do some research on great headlines and headline writing.

Great writing begins with persuading readers to reader your first sentence, and then the next and next after that. Your headline is your first sentence. Be sure your readers will want to keep reading.

Stay tuned for my detailed Niche Profit Full Control review, which will be posted on my website around launch day.